Wireless Services for Temecula Businesses


Hotspots, Office Wireless, Hospitality networks at the right price!

Hotspot solution for Coffee Shops, Beauty salons, small businesses in Temecula

Many of our small customers find it difficult to find a cost-effective hotspot solution that provides them with enterprise features, Botan WiFi Solution is tailored specifically to our small business customers.
Many Temecula businesses are already taking advantage of this secure, flexible hotspot system that provides the following benefits:
  • Plug-and-play Installation
  • Marketing banners
  • Secure and compliant
  • WiFi custom availability hours
  • Many more features... contact us to find out more
wifi solutions for temecula coffee shops

Enterprise Solutions for Mid-Size Businesses

Solutions for Hotels (Hospitality) and mid-size businesses in the Temecula Valley and surrounding areas.
Many Temecula businesses know that a WiFi solution is very important to their businesses Mainly in the Hospitality area. Customers will either like your hotel or not based on the "customer experience" with the WiFi solutions. Business travelers rely on the WiFi to do their work. We help you provide the best customer experience without spending unnecessary amount of money.
  • Ubiquity Solutions
  • Meraki Solutions
  • WiFi-Soft Solutions
  • As well as custom solutions with our Botan 2.0
wifi solutions for hotels and restaurants temecula
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Why Botan For WiFi Solutions and Services?

With many years of experience in both industry leader solutions such as Meraki, Ubiquiti and Ruckus as well as low-cost custom solutions. Botan is the right choice for your Wireless need.
Our Engineers will perform a wireless assessment to find the right placement for the Access Points and will follow industry proven-methods and standards to make sure your solution is not only installed correctly, but will provide your customers the best experience.

  • Wireless Network Assessment and Placement planning
  • Develop a plan that includes a robust security method (firewalls,IDS/IPS..)
  • AP Placement design
  • Define a Wifi Automation and management solution
  • Define a marketing plan for your Captive Portal
  • Define the best solution at the best price