Backup and Data Protection Services for Temecula Businesses


Specializing in data protection for businesses in the Temecula Valley and beyond.

Don't let a Natural Distaster or accidental data loss hurt your business.

Data is always at risk of natural Disasters, Power Failures, equipment crashes, viruses or RansomWare. A good backup strategy is the key for business continuity. How long can your business be down without impact?
Our customers know that Botan's hybrid solution approach is the key to be up and running in minutes after a disaster. Our Botan 2.0 Appliance is a must addition to a great backup solution most of our customers get this appliance at no cost to them.
Many Temecula businesses are already taking advantage of our "Pull Data" strategy our linux solution is not suceptible to RansomWare:
  • Linux-based not suceptible to RansomWare
  • Central Location for Hybrid Solution
  • Quick and Easy Data Recovery
  • Local Copy and Cloud-based if Desired
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Botan Services protecting from RansomWare

Why Botan For Data Protection?

In addition to the industry standard methods, Botan 2.0 appliance is added to the mix to provide a bullet-proof system not suceptible to RamsonWare.

  • Onsite and Remote Backups, to protect and reduce recovery time
  • Data Stored securely in multiple regions to guarantee data recovery.
  • Proven Industry standard strategy complemented with our Botan 2.0 appliance
  • Botan 2.0 appliance available for all of our customers
  • Data Pull is a great compliment to Push in case data is compromised.
  • Custom Backup schedules up to every 30mins and less to reduce data loss.

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