Managed IT Services and Application Migration


Customer Information loading slow? Information Fragmented for your offices?

Application Migration not just a good idea, it's an excellent idea when you look at the benefits.

Many of our customers struggle when the CRM system is taking forever to load, or when they need to pull data quickly. Outdated programs and computer and server hardware slow things down so much that productivity suffers.
Many Temecula businesses have decided that spending money on new hardware is too expensive and spending money on IT services to setup the hardware is also too expensive. Migrating applications will lower the cooling cost, eliminite downtime caused by power outages and hardware issues and minimize integration and ongoing support costs.

  • Eliminate downtime caused by power outages in this area
  • Eliminate downtime caused by room overheating in the summer
  • Minimize IT Support
  • Scale easily and quickly lowering IT costs
  • have access to unlimited storage tailored specifically for every need
  • Monitor Devices and minimize downtime caused by human error

Why Botan For Application Migration?

Certified in Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, Botan is the trusted IT provider for the Temecula Valley and beyond that combines powerful state of the art technology and customer-oriented engineering. That will design the best solution at the lowest cost. The process is very simple:

  • Step 1 : Asess Current Environment
  • Step 2 : Design the Application Migration strategy
  • Step 3 : Perform a Proof of Concept (Dry Run)
  • Step 4 : Migrate the Application
  • Step 5 : Adjust, Optimize and Manage
  • Bullet Proof Solutions Backed by Amazon AWS and/or Microsoft Azure